Air Operated Grease Gun

This versatile, small and compact air operated grease gun /pump eliminates the fatigue of constant operation of a manual hand lever of a “J” or “K” stick grease gun.

The ACC-10K-AH-J/K Air Operated Grease Gun is a robust easy to operate and compact grease gun that has a large barrel chamber that can accommodate either “J” , “K” sticks or grease from a pail or drum.

This is a versatile grease gun for use both onshore and/or offshore applications.

The fluid pump is air operated to deliver grease at acceptable rates.

It is easy to handle and can be carried by one person.


* High Performance to pump valve lubricants,sealants and flush

* The grease gun is capable of pressure up to 10,000 psi

* Delivers grease at 12 ounces in 30-60 seconds

* The pump is self-priming

* Pneumatic operated

* Operates with 80 – 100 psi of air supply

* Is of light weight construction – 15 kgs (32 LBS)

* Is supplied with a 1.8 meter (6 foot) discharge hose c/w psi gauge and grease fitting adapter

* The barrel is corrosion resistant

* The gun is easy to refill with grease sticks or bulk gease from a pail/drum

* Can accommodate “J” or “K” grease sticks

* Quick and easy to move

Has a carry handle for easy movement between jobs

Approximate dimension – 53 cm L x 45 cm W x 22 cm H