External Casing Packer or Inflatable Casing Packer

External Casing Packer or Inflatable Casing Packer.(ICP)

The ICP is designed to be run on standard casing sizes and seal between the casing and either open hole or another casing.


■ Cement assurance in open hole or between casing

■ Zonal isolation of different reservoir sections in open hole completions

■ To prevent gas or liquid migration

■ Use as a cementing aid for cement column support

■ Erosion control in long horizontal sections

■ Isolating multi-laterial branches

■ Isolation in open hole completion for selective stimulation


■ Full length steel wire reinforced element

■ Large flow area valving to prevent erosion

■ All shear pressures referenced to the casing annulus

■ Adjustable shear pressure with multiple shear screws

■ Simple, reliable valve design (patent pending)

■ Inflates with any displacement fluid

■ Large expansion ratio

■ One piece mandrel (no internal joints)