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Grease Fittings

Button-Head Fittings for more Grease Injection Fittings for Plug, Ball & Gate Valves.

Button-Head Fittings for Grease and other Grease Injection Fittings....

Valve grease fittings require changing from time to time due to age, deterioration, environment and inferior quality fittings.

ACC Corporate has a range of grease injection fittings for wellhead gate, ball and plug valves.

Why ACC Corporate Grease Injection Fittings?

Fittings supplied in 316 SS (Stainless Steel), 1215 or 4140 steel with zinc-cobalt plating.

The patented “Free Flow” fitting inside the fitting utilizes a unique spring retainer that is threaded into the body of the fitting.

This special retainer also acts as a ball support and spring guide, and its design allows for the “Free Flow” of lubricants and sealants around the spring, instead of through it.

• Only unrestricted flow path on the market- the straight passageway significantly reduces to “pack off”.

• Guaranteed against “BlowOut” when used design limitations of the fitting.

• Increased flow rates due to the unrestricted flow path.

• Meets latest revision of NACE-no cold working of materials.