Oilfield Rental Tool and Other Equipment for Hire.

Oilfield Rental Tool.

ACC Corporate has a range of Oilfield Equipment for rental.

ACC Hydrotest Unit.

The ACC Hydrotest Unit is an air driven pressure testing pump with a capacity of reaching 10,000 psi.

The unit comes with a 4 meter discharge hose. Both pump and hose have certification.

ACC-High Pressure Wash Down Unit.

The ACC-High Pressure Wash Down unit has a 35:1 haskel air driven pump capable of delivering 3,500 psi.

This unit can be used to wash the rig floor and associated oil base equipment especially when oil base mud is being used.

ACC-Rig Vac.

The ACC-Rig Vac is an air driven pump system and required 100 psi rig air supply.

It is used on the rig floor or pump room where drilling mud can be vacuumed up and delivered to the mud pit.

These are very robust units and are supplied with 2” suction hose, 2” discharge hose and 1” air line hose.