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Oil Well Services

Seal-Tite Engineered Solutions (Leak Repair)

* Wellhead Hanger System Leaks

* Wellhead Void Pressure Testing

* SC-SSSV and Control Line Leaks

* Tubing / Casing Thread Connection Leaks

* Integrity Troubleshooting

Insitu Valve Service Equipment

* Wellhead; Pipeline; Process Valve Greasing

* Purpose Built Grease Injection Pumps

* Hand Operated Screw and Hydraulic Grease Pumps

* Wellhead Service Technicians

Valve Service Consumables - Valve Flush; Lubricants; Sealants

* Wellhead; Pipeline; Process Valve Grease

* Gate; Ball; Plug Valve Grease Fittings

* Grease in 40 # Pails and “J” and “K” Sticks

* Valve Fittings Service Kits

Workshop Services

* Hydraulic Well Control Systems

* Pressure Test System Repairs

* General Maintenance

Trash Compactors

* Large Range of Compactors and Compactors Bags

(Australian Standard Quality)

* Compactor Parts Replacement / Service

Casing Accessories and Equipment

* Float Shoes / Float Collars / Frac Collars

* Centralisers / Cement Heads and Manifolds

Rental Equipment

* Grease Injection Pumps

* Pressure Test Units up to 10,000 psi

* Chart Recorders and Data Loggers up to 10,000 psi