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ACC Corporate History

ACC Corporate is an Oil & Gas service company.

The company was founded in November 1992 by Mark Liesegang with its headquarters are located in Welshpool, Western Australia.

Since its beginnings ACC Corporate has earned a solid and consistent reputation for delivering quality, cost effective and custom solution and products. This has been achieved through partnering with a number of international brands to offer products and services to the Oil and Gas Industry.  These have included Diamond Drilling Bits; Rock Bits; Hot-Hed a casing weld preparation pre and post heating; Drilling Mud and Polymer blending/shearing equipment; B.D. Kendle Wireline equipment; TAM Inflatable Packers and Wellhead and Pipeline valve lubricants and sealants.

ACC Corporate continued to grow and developed a number of key products for the wellhead and pipeline valves for both onshore and offshore platforms and facilities; as well as introducing much needed onsite servicing. Our first stop was in Alice Springs where several facility valves were seized and after the injection of valve flush were fully operational again.  Our next destination was Queensland followed by New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia. Our onsite servicing demonstrated the benefits of insitu valve greasing and servicing; and lead to a major project greasing the pipeline valves from Bunbury to Karratha in Western Australia.

Our wellhead valve greasing operations soon expanded to offshore facilities in Western Australia, Indonesia and Brunei.

Today, ACC Corporate’s focus is on providing complete solutions for our clients ranging from well integrity management, quality equipment and procurement services to name a few.

Together with a team of trained and dedicated personnel we offer a range of services:

  • Wellhead and Xmas Tree Wellhead Maintenance Services
  • Manufacturing the necessary equipment such as high pressure injection grease pumps as well as supplying high pressure grease guns to service the wellheads and valves
  • DSI Valve Grease, Lubricants, Sealants and Flushing products
  • Void Testing
  • Pipeline Valve Greasing
  • Valve fittings and tools
  • Procurement
  • Primary Cementing Equipment Accessories
  • Inflatable Casing Packers and Inflatable Bridge Plugs
  • Trash Compactors and their Associated Trash Bags
  • VR Tool (tested according to API 6A; light weight tool made of Titanium)
  • Annular Safety Valve System
  • Gas Lift Valve Equipment
  • Engineered Sealing Solutions - Pressure activated sealants by Seal-Tite International
  • Pressure test units