ACC-10K-AH-J-K Air Operated Grease Gun

The ACC-10K-AH-J-K Air Operated Grease Gun Injection Gun is a rugged, easy to operate, light-weight unit providing an extremely fast discharge rate. It comes complete with an aluminium frame, a 10,000 psi hydraulic pump, a “J” or “K” grease stick barrel and a Pelican® carrying case.

This extremely versatile unit works well both on and offshore and is recommended for field, plant, and platform applications. It is designed to pump standard and special materials including highly viscous lubricants, sealants, packing, and cleaners. 

The ACC-10K-AH-J-K Air Operated Grease Gun Injection Gun is also used for hydrostatic and applied testing on pipelines and wellheads and is currently used by many of the leading Australian pipeline service companies.

ACC-10K-AH-J-K Air Operated Grease Gun Features:
  • The grease gun is capable of pressure up to 10,000 PSI
  • Delivers grease at 12 ounces in 30-60 seconds
  • The pump is self-priming
  • Operates with 80 – 100 psi of air supply
  • Is supplied with a 1.8 meter discharge hose – 10,000 PSI
  • Liquid Filled Pressure gauge – 10,000 PSI
  • Can accommodate “J” of “K” size grease sticks
  • Approximate dimensions – 53cm L x 45cm x 22cm H
  • Swivel on Hose
  • Button Head Coupler
  • Operation Manual
  •  ACC supplies DSI-200 Lubricant & DSI-700 Sealant “J” stick grease to suit the ACC-10K-AH-J-K grease gun
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Air Operated Grease Gun Case