Swellable Packers and sleeves provide high performance cased and open hole sealing for water shut off, fracturing and cement replacement that can significantly improve well perfermance.

Swellables are extremely cost effective when compared with other methods of isolations as they require no additional trips in hole and are self setting upon contact with wellbore fluids.

Swellables have the capacity to swell to a larger diameter than the intended hole size.

The swell of the element also allows the elastomer to expand into irregular geometries thus providing a postive pressure seal.

Our Completion technologies and services include a variety of packer types, sand management systems and inflow control devices.

Monitoring Modeling Completions Control Zonal Isolation Applications:-
  • Zonal Isolation
  • Open hole fracturing
  • Unconventional fracturing
  • Cement replacement and protection
  • Annular barrier for Inflow Control Devices (ICD)
  • Side track window sealing
  • Annular barrier for sand screens
  • Gravel packing
  • Expandables - screens and tubulars
  • Coal Bed Methane (CBM) wells

Unlike other water packers, the osmotic design swells in HCL acid and other bi-valent salts such as calcium chloride and can be used in conjunction with ball activated stimulation valves or plug and perf fracture methods. 

Our water swellable packers eliminate the need to circulate to diesel in the well to swell oil-activated packers reducing cost, time and risk.

Our packers utilize multi-band element technology to ensure that the elements are surrounded in fluid preventing de-swelling. 

These packers will maintain pressure integrity for the life of the well.

The high performance packer range is designed to operate in temperatures from 0C to 240C and can hold pressure differentials up to 10,000 psi.

They have been run extensively in the Williston Bakken (in excess of 2000 packers to date), typically 5- 5/8” OD for 6.125” open hole on 4-1/2” P110 base pipe, swelling in less than 15 days.

No requirement to circulate diesel reducing transport costs and increasing well safety