Greasing, pressure testing and washing skid built By ACC

ACC has just delivered a new custom made skid for one of our customers in France.

The grease skid is to be truck mounted complete with 2 x 10K grease injection pumps, 1 x 10K x 1/2″ retractable hose reel, 1 x 10K pressure test unit, 1 x 10K x 1/4″ retractable hose reel, 1 x Stainless Steel 500 litres water tank as well as 1 x diesel driven wash down system complete with hose reel, hose and lance, 1 x 42 CFM diesel driven compressor and 15 Meters of discharge hose on both hose reels.

Our customer was extremely happy with the timely delivery, and responsiveness during the engineering and design phase and ACC was comended for a job well done.

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