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Health & Safety

When it comes to our workers safety, and health, we take things seriously. Our HSE checks don’t just stop at the end of the project gate, it extends to every facet of our operation.

Safety of our people is a fundamental component of our success. This strong safety culture differentiates us from the rest, and is proven by our ISO 45001 certification, globally recognising us as compliant in Occupational Health and Safety.

At ACC we are focused on:

  • Fierce commitment to safety from our management team.
  • Developing and supporting active safety culture with risk-based thinking.
  • Consulting and engaging with our staff at all levels when it comes to HSE decisions.
  • Empower our workers to develop innovative solutions to safety issues.

We work hard to continually assess our safety at our workplace. ACC has developed high risk registers to continually monitor our progress towards safety goals, while also tracking any changes to any legal requirements ensuring our continued compliance.

ACC’s success has been built on our commitment to:

  • Seeking continual improvement in our HSE performance.
  • Ensuring that all our safety practices are in consultation with our workers.
  • Recognising that workplace safety is everyone’s responsibility, so that all workers perform their duties with the highest regard, not only for their safety, but also the safety of others.

Safety Initiatives

  • Utilising an online Integrated Management System to log risks and improvements.
  • Online HSE e-learning modules.
  • Election of a Health and Safety Representative to be the voice of our workers.
  • Drug and alcohol testing program.
  • Safety refreshers at all staff meetings.

Our goal is to ensure our workers return home in the same condition they left, and to protect each other’s health and safety in all aspects of the workplace.

Quality & Conformance

Our number one goal is to meet client objectives and requirements. One of the ways we do this is by following strict quality and conformance checks on all projects, following our recommended guidelines. Our documentation and control process allows us to thoroughly check products and services for conformance issues.

This is internationally recognised by our ISO 9001 accreditation in quality management systems. Our internal and external audits ensure our quality control is maintained throughout our operations.

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