High volume pump

High volume grease injection pump

High volume grease injection pump ACC has now a high volume grease injection pump for efficient wellhead and valve greasing operations. Ideal for large wellhead and FRAC heads. Physically tested with grease (high friction and high viscosity) and the pump delivered almost 5 lbs (2 kgs) of grease per minute.

Custom Built Equipment

Multi-purpose greasing skid built for Queensland-Australia

As part of our continuous improvement of skid designs and configurations, a new skid was built to fit within specified dimensions while allowing the ability of pumping grease, sealant, flush through different reels and perform pressure testing operations. In addition, a light weight mobile greasing pump was required by the customer to enable servicing inaccessible

Trade shows

ACC Corporate at AOG 2020 – Perth, Australia

ACC Corporate is present at AOG 2020 booth F25. You can see on display all our wellhead services and maintenance brochures, our grease injection pumps, DSI valve grease range, TJC thread joint compound (rig dope) range as well as a demonstration kit for Seal-Tite showing, physically, how leaks are repaired in an engineered surgical precision

Custom Built Equipment

Greasing, pressure testing and washing skid built By ACC

ACC has just delivered a new custom made skid for one of our customers in France. Our customer was extremely happy with the timely delivery, and responsiveness during the engineering and design phase and ACC was comended for a job well done.

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