Foam Wiper Balls

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Product Description

Foam technology has been developed that substantially improves the wiping and fluid separation possible when performing cementing pumping operations. Natural rubber foam matrix materials are  used in the fabrication of wiper balls that can be used for numerous pumping operations using mono-ID and multi ID bores over a temperature range of 40°F (4°C) through 302 °F (150°C).

Applications for foam wiper balls include mechanical tubular wiping, fluid separation & drill pipe clean out, and it can be used in conjunction with conventional plugs/darts to improve wall cleaning.

Foam wiper balls come packaged in individual bags for protection from UV rays caused by sunlight or electrical equipment. Each package includes a label showing its package date, part number and wiping diameters each ball is designed to be used in.

The foam ball sizes and application parameters are listed in Table I below.

Table 1 - Foam Wiper Ball

Nominal Ball Size Part Number Min Wiping ID, in. (mm) Max Wiping ID, in. (mm) Minimum Restriction, in. (mm)
1.26 (32.0)
2.36 (60.0)
0.63 (16.0)
1.58 (40.0)
2.96 (75.1)
0.79 (20.0)
1.97 (50.0)
3.69 (93.7)
3.69 (93.7)
2.36 (60.0)
4.43 (112.6)
1.18 (30.0)
2.76 (70.0)
5.17 (131.8)
1.38 (35.0)
3.46 (88.0)
6.50 (165.0)
1.73 (44.0

Foam Technology Summary

  •  Foam technology provides a very effective means for mechanical tubular wiping and fluid separation.
    • Foam ball technology in some cases can make conventional elastomeric wiper plugs obsolete.
    • The possibilities for applications using foam ball technology are endless and dynamic.
    • Future applications will continue to revolutionize and highlight the value of foam technology.
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