15,000 PSI Grease Injection Pump

Product Code: ACC-DR-15K-DSI

Product Description

The 15k DSI Grease Injection Pump is a compact, high volume; highly efficient 125:1 air operated grease injection pump.  Positive pressure applied to the twin pneumatic cylinders located on the pump frame ensures contact between grease and the follower plate. This results in a continuous positive prime to the pump which allows the operator to pump highly viscous sealant and/or lubricants.

The Grease Injection Pumps come with a standard 11” foot-plate that can accommodate pail size 20 and 40 pounds. ACC also has the option for a 9-7/8” footplate to suit a smaller pail I.D.

Key Features

  • High volume output (up to 4 lbs/min)
  • Australian Made
  • Customizable as needed
  • “Z” Swivel on the whip hose allowing rotating while servicing

Features & Specifications

  • 5 meters of 1/2” Discharge hose 15,000 psi
  • 5 meters of 1/2” x Whip Hose – 15,000 psi
  • Liquid Filled Pressure Gauge – 15,000 psi
  • 11” Foot-plate or optional 9 7/8” footplate
  • Gauge Cover
  • On / Off Valve
  • Safety Vent Coupler
  • “Z” Swivel on the Whip Hose
  • Manual Pressure Relief Vent
  • Dual Air Rams
  • Air Motor Oiler
  • Air Motor Regulator
  • Control Panel
  • Grease Level Indicator
  • 125 psi Maximum operating air pressure
  • 15,000 psi Maximum discharge pressure
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