TJC-300-CH Premium Copper Compound

Product Code: TJC-300-CH

Product Description

TGC-300-CH is a premium tool joint and drill collar compound formulated to prevent downhole make-up even under high torque drilling operations. The Copper flakes and other proven solid lubricants and additives allow higher resistance to water washout and provide easer breakout without galling.


  • Premium environmentally friendly product
  • Contains special rust and corrosion inhibitor
  • High temperature stability
  • Premium anti-seize
  • High temperature lubricant

Key Features

  • High temperature stability
  • Double application (Anti-Seize & High temperature lubricant)


Physical Appearance NLGI Penetration (ASTM D217) Flash Point Service Temperatures
Smooth Copper
>430° F – (221°C)
0°F to 500°F -18°C to 260°C
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