DSI-Liquid Valve Flush

Product Code: ACC DSI-LVF

Product Description

DSI-Liquid Valve Flush is a unique combination of valve penetrant and corrosion inhibitor engineered for today’s growing valve maintenance market.


DSI- Liquid Valve Flush is a superior, highly effective product.  It safely removes old hydrocarbon deposits, oxidation deposits and even the toughest sealant deposits, which may have solidified in the seal pockets.  It also provides corrosion inhibiting film that gives unsurpassed protection in harsh conditions and contains no dangerous chlorinated solvents

Key Features

  • Will not harm elastomers
  • Cleans valve internals
  • Dissolves hydrocarbons deposits
  • Loosens surface rust and scale
  • Stops rust, corrosion, scale inhibitor and
    oxidation preventive
  • Solubility in water – Miscible
  • Reduces friction during operation of valves
  • Available in 20 Litre plastic drum


Physical Appearance pH (1% Solution) Penetration (ASTM D217) Flash Point Service Temperatures
Purple/Red Liquid
Deg F/Deg C >199 °F - (93°C)
Deg F/Deg C 32° F to 446° F 0°C to 230° C
ACC Corporate
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