Product Code: ACC DSI-TFE-104

Product Description

DSI-TFE-104 is a synthetic sealant formulated for general hydrocarbon service where older valves are passing.  It contains fine PTFE flakes suspended in a hydrocarbon resistant base.

DSI-TFE-104 is used for sealing valves with moderate seal wear and is also suitable for use on threads, gaskets, stuffing boxes and valve stems.


DSI-TFE-104 can be used to seal valves in the following services: Aliphatic hydrocarbons, crude distillates, crude oil, diesel fuel, hydrocarbon liquids, kerosene, LPG and lubricating oils.

Key Features

  • Seals valve with moderate seal wear
  • Resists was out
  • Compatible with other lubricants
  • Has PTFE suspended flakes
  • Available in cartridge, stick, 40# pail


Physical Appearance NLGI Penetration (ASTM D217) Flash Point Service Temperatures
Blue and Tacky
>500° F – (260°C)
0°F to 450°F -18°C to 232°C
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