DSI-VF Valve Flush

Product Code: ACC DSI-VF

Product Description

DSI-VF (Valve Flush) is a superior valve flush/penetrant/cleaner. It is a multi-ingredient, semi-fluid combination of penetrants, cleaners and lubricants engineered for difficult or impossible to operate valves.


DSI-VF (Valve Flush) is for use on hard to operate, passing or seized valves. It will penetrate and clean valve seats and ball.

Key Features

  • Free passing or tight valves
  • Penetrant and Cleans valve internals
  • Removes surface rust; lacquer; gum
  • Compatible with lubricants
  • Non-flammable
  • Available in 40 lb pail and 120 lb drum


Physical Appearance NLGI Penetration (ASTM D217) Flash Point Service Temperatures
Smooth Black
-40F to 400F -40C to 400C
ACC Corporate
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