TJC-300-EDP Worn Rotary Shouldered Connections Compound

Product Code: TJC-300-EDP

Product Description

The TJC-300-EDP is recommended for rotary shoulder applications involving extreme temperatures, high pressures, vibration and worn or damaged threads. It adheres to wet joints by displacing moisture effecting long lasting protection against corrosion and metal-to-metal contact. Excellent product for API casing, tubing and line pipe or rotary shouldered connections in extreme pressure and where vibration exists


  • Worn Rotary shouldered connections
  • Excessive vibration operations
  • API Casing, tubing and line pipes

Key Features

  • Moisture displacement
  • Protection against metal to metal contact
  • Long lasting protection against corrosion


Physical Appearance NLGI Penetration (ASTM D217) Flash Point Service Temperatures
Dark gray, grainy
430°F (221°C)
0°F to 500°F (-18°C to 260°C)
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