TJC-500-OG Heavy Loading/Open Gear Polymer Complex Thread Compound

Product Code: TJC-500-OG

Product Description

TJC-500-OG is a polymer base lubricant for use with equipment operating at slow motion and subject to extremely heavy loads and maybe exposed to water. Ideal for jack-up rigs legs. Perfect product for mining application where the gears are exposed and subject to extreme forces.


  • Jack-up rigs legs
  • Mining open / exposed gears
  • Water exposed gears
  • Gear boxes exposed to corrosion

Key Features

  • Anti-Corrosion properties
  • Excellent adherence on wet and dry surfaces
  • Resistant to extreme pressure and loading


Physical Appearance NLGI Penetration (ASTM D217) Flash Point Service Temperatures
Black, Tacky, smooth
>400° F – (200°C)
0°F to 450°F (-18°C to 232°C)
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