Hydraulic Safety Clamp

Product Description

Safety clamps, or “Dog Collars” are used for back-up retention when coupling and uncoupling joints in oil and natural gas drilling operations. The safety clamping tool is installed on drill collars, casing and tubing connections or other tool strings where a fish neck is not present, while in slips for make-up/breakout and prevents the pipe column from falling into the well.

The MARKSMEN Hydraulic Safety Clamp installs conveniently and with minimal manual handling, which leads to lower risk of injury or pipe damage and improves connection time.

The clamp has a single acting hydraulic cylinder with air return, with no need for external tools such as hammers and spanners, thereby minimizing risk of dropped objects to the rig sub-base or downhole. The hydraulic pump activates the clamp in seconds, and the only requirement for use is rig air supply. For drill collar rotation the quick release hydraulic connection can be isolated and removed to allow the rotary table to be activated.

Key Features

  • Improves safety of tubular connections
  • Saves rig time and personnel fatigue
  • Removes need for hand tools on rig floor
  • Power Disconnect allows rotation


  • 2 7/8” – 30 ½” Pipe Sizes
  • Varied hose lengths on request

Sizes Available

Size Pipe 00 No Links
DC-S 2 7/8” – 4-1/2” 7 - 8
7 - 8
4-1/2” – 10-1/2”
7 - 11
10-1/2” – 15-7/8”
12 - 16
15-7/8” – 19-3/8”
17 – 19
19-3/8” – 30-1/2”
19 - 28
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