Primary Cementing Equipment

Product Description

ACC Corporate has been supplying PCE to Australian clients for over 20 years.

With MARKSMEN PCE you will complete your well with confidence that cement placement and standoff will be as per well design parameters. Correct selection of the PCE reduces the need for secondary cementing, ensuring target depth is reached with minimal differential sticking.

Key Features

  • Centralisers manufactured by API-10D qualified factory
  • Casing connected equipment manufactured by API-5CT qualified factory
  • Fast Delivery
  • All materials and connections available

Features & Specifications

  • Float shoes and collars exceed API RP10F IIIC
  • Bespoke ported float shoes
  • Stab-in float collars and darts
  • Centralisers – solid, bow spring, non-welded, rollers available
  • Stage cementing tools, both mechanical and hydraulic
  • Standard and non-rotating cementing plugs rated up to 200oC
  • Cementing heads
  • Pipe wiper balls
ACC Corporate
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