Progressive Cavity Pumps (PCP)

Product Description

ACC Corporate is proud to offer the Marksmen range for all components of your PCP system.

PC Pumps have been widely used in coal seam gas and oil fields and play an important role in oil production globally. The PC Pump can be used for low viscosity crude oil, also for heavy oil, high freezing point oil, high wax oil, high sand oil and high gas oil. It has the advantages of one – time low investment, high liquid production efficiency, and easy operation, installation, and maintenance. Marksmen PCP’s are designed, tested and installed to maximise service life while minimising your cost.

Key Features

  • PCP’s, Motors and gas separators
  • Design modelled to well specification
  • Simple structure
  • Low energy consumption

Features & Specifications

  • Up to 1000 M3 (6300 Bbl) per day
  • 2 7/8” and 3 ½” tubing sizes
  • Whole system or compatible parts available
  • Horizontal, direct and vertical transmissions available
  • Gas anchors/separators maintain prime
  • Tubing anchors prevent movement
  • Surface controllers available
  • Sand screens per well design
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