Swellable Packers

Product Description

Swell Packers reduce well construction costs, enhancing reliability of zonal isolation barriers and extend your well’s productive life. After the swell has been run and set the material retains its ability to respond to changing well conditions and so age-related issues such as cement micro-annulus channel are less likely to compromise your zone integrity, and irregular hole geometry is much better shut off than with mechanical or inflatable packers.

Key Features

  • Oil Swells
  • Water Swells
  • Fast acting water swells
  • Combination swells

Features & Specifications

  • Swell elements are designed as required per well
  • Swell simulations provided
  • Control line feedthrough available
  • Up to 800% swell volume
  • Temperature ranges up to 205oC
  • Swell retardant coatings optional
  • Maintains high swell volume over well life
  • Available in all casing and hole sizes
  • Pipe bonded and swell sleeve designs
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