Wellhead Maintenance & Valve Service Skids (Custom Built)

Grease Pump, Pressure Test Pump & Flush Pump Compressor

Grease Pump, Pressure Test Pump & Flush Pump Compressor

Product Description

ACC Corporate skids are designed to meet the end-user requirements for wellhead, Xmas tree and process valve servicing/maintenance. The design will incorporate all functions required by the valve service operator in a single self-powered mobilised unit.

Key Features

  • Rugged, Australian Made for various applications
  • Forklift loaded
  • Footprint customisable
  • Truck, Ute or Trailer Mounted

Features & Specifications

  • Compressor
  • Grease Injection Pump(s)
  • Pressure Test Pump(s)
  • Valve Flush Pump
  • Pressure Washer
  • Off road Trailer
  • Up to 15 m (45 ft) hoses
  • Maximum grease pump discharge –
    7K and 10K psi options
  • Grease Volume Indicator
  • Auxiliary Air Offtake for Air Tools

Get in touch to discuss your valve service needs and we will design the skid that suits you best. All equipment is made in Perth, WA and conforms to ACC Corporate’s high quality standards.

ACC Corporate
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