Annulus Fluid Management

Service Description

ACC Corporate has the people, equipment and expertise to address all your annulus service requirements. Our history in wellhead service and integrity restoration has given us a rich history of all aspects of annulus treatment requirements. Whether testing, filling, monitoring or diagnosing ACC Corporate have your requirements available.

Key Offerings

  • Compact pump spreads are easily mobilised to
    offshore and onshore wells
  • Blending and batching fluids
  • Nitrogen blankets
  • Annulus safety valves
  • Pressure build-up analysis
  • Echo depth sounding
  • Leak identification and repair

Features & Benefits

  • Lube and bleed services
  • Leak identification and repair
  • Blending and pumping equipment capable of all volume applications
  • Supply of annulus fluid treatment products
  • Nitrogen applications including testing, blankets and leak identification
  • Echo depth sounding (locates top of liquid)
  • Packer testing
  • Valve removal and replacement
  • Safety valves and in-annulus pressure/temperature monitoring
  • Personnel well versed in integrity matters
  • MAASP calculation
ACC Corporate
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