In-Situ Pipeline Valves Maintenance

Service Description

ACC has proven over many years that regular lubrication of Pipeline Valves will allow the valves to function correctly.  Injecting lubricant or sealant into the grease injection fittings provides lubrication and/or sealant to the ball and seats.

Key Elements

  • Correct product selection
  • Procedures for lubrication/sealing
  • Lubrication equipment
  • Skilled personnel

Products & Equipment

Lubricants and Sealants:

Grease Injection Pumps:

  • ACC-10K-Hyd-J-Stk Gun
  • ACC-10K-Mini Lube
  • ACC-10K Flush Pump

Grease Inject Fittings:

  • To ensure the valves can be maintained grease injection fittings need to be fit for purpose and ACC provides these grease injection fittings.
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