Pressure Control Lubricator Services

Product Description

The Pressure Control Lubricator, sometimes called a “Polished Rod Lubricator” is an essential tool for the running and retrieval of Back Pressure Valves (BPV’s) and Two-Way Check Valves (TWCV’s).

These valves are set in the tubing hanger preparation and are an integral part of the production tubing isolation envelope for Xmas Tree removal or any barrier intrusive work on the master valves of the Xmas tree.

ACC Corporate has been involved in well integrity since 1992. Our highly skilled field service engineers will come equipped to install the BPV/TWCV isolation you require in the best possible time, with safety as our highest focus.

Key Features

  • Allows Pressure test of Xmas Tree
  • Can be used as second barrier for Xmas Tree work above Lower Master Valve
  • Nipple up/down of BOP
  • Based in Perth, Western Australia

PCL Specification

  • 10,0000 psi Rated
  • 2” Weco 1502 union connection
  • 118” (3 m) Stroke
  • NACE Trim
  • Stainless Steel Polished Rod
ACC Corporate
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