Procurement Services

Service Overview

Being a manufacturer and service providers puts ACC in a unique position of a close relationship to suppliers allowing us to obtain advantageous prices and discounts as a manufacturer and a long-standing entity in the industry.

Our technical knowledge in oilfield services and equipment gives us the advantage of understanding the purpose of the item being procured and what its end use will be, this knowledge will allow us to pick the right product in terms of quality, supplier rating and, of course, price.

Our profit margin on procurement services are competitive given our existing network and structure in place making the savings on price and chosen product life cycle transferrable to our customers.

Key Benefits

  • Technical knowledge of oilfield products & services
  • Providing recommendations on products procured
  • Low margin mark-up
  • Existing network of suppliers from our core business of manufacturing
  • ISO 9001 certified
  • AS 1801 certified
  • Guaranteed responsiveness (24 hours hotline)
  • No call centre forward (all based in Perth – Western Australia
ACC Corporate
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