Seal-Tite Engineered Sealing Solutions

Product Description

Seal-Tite® is a unique pressure activated sealant technology that uses differential pressure across a leak site to cause liquid sealant to polymerize into a flexible solid. The sealant reaction is analogous to blood coagulating across a cut. The cut is sealed but the arteries continue to flow. As liquid sealant enters the leak site and encounters a pressure drop sufficient to start the polymerization process, the liquid molecules link together and build a flexible solid seal. The strength of the seal is generally increased in pressure steps until the desired test pressure is reached. Once the seal is formed and tested, the remaining liquid sealant may be left in the system or flushed from the system

Key Features

  • Can be performed rigless
  • Thorough design on job by job basis to
    ensure best results
  • Liquid sealant
  • Pressure activated
  • Polymerizes into a flexible solid
  • Solidifies only at the leak site
  • Tested to 22,000 psi and 500˚F
  • Excess sealant remains a liquid


  • Pipeline Pinholes & Weld Defects
  • Flange Connections
  • Ball & Gate Valves
  • Gate Valves & Actuators
  • Tubing & Casing Hangers
  • Pipeline Ball Valves
  • Umbilicals & Manifolds
  • Riser Choke & Kill Lines
  • Subsea Connectors, Trees & Wellheads
  • Micro-annulus
  • P & A Cement
  • Sliding Sleeves, CSSV’s & Control Lines

Step 1
Fluid escaping through leak site

Step 2
Sealant building at leak site

Step 3
Sealant bridging across the leak

Step 4
Leak sealed

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